As of Oct 1st Laiko Cosmos Trading has taken over the import and distribution of ION Nucrema brand in parallel with the rest of ION product range which is distributing for several years. ION Nucrema is a hazelnut spread with a delightful chocolate flavor and the characteristic hazelnut aroma. ION Nucrema has a thinness that makes it ideal to spread on bread, while its full taste has made it an irresistible supplement for the younger ION fans. 200 gr, 400 gr and 1 Kgr cups are especially designed to fulfil household needs.

Also, the ION Nucrema is available in two delicious flavors which are combined in the same package. The first flavor is the well-known Nucrema with hazelnuts and milk and the other is again the same cream without the presence of cocoa. This new delicacy enables the consumer to have two products in the same jar and choose each time to use them individually or mix them together.