Old El Paso, the No.1 of Mexican Food Brand has recently enriched its product range with 2 new product categories, the new Old El Paso Tortilla Crunchy Chips and the new Dips.

Old El Paso Tortilla Crunchy Chips are offered in 3 different flavors: Tortilla Strips Original, Tortilla Chips Queso (Cheese Flavor) & Tortilla Chips Fajita

Highly tasty and crunchy the new Tortilla Chips, are ideal for accompanying the various dips, as well as to make delicious Nachos, covering them with melted cheese. Crispy, healthy, somewhat spicy, eaten plain or combined with one of the amazing Mexican Old El Paso Salsas!

Old El Paso Dips are offered in 2 different flavors:

Τhe Chunky Salsa Mild is a slightly spicy red sauce with pieces of tomatoes, onions and sweet guajilo peppers. No cooking is needed and can be used in Mexican recipes, as a tasty dip for chips, and wherever we use a red sauce.

Guacamole is a Mediterranean avocado paste flavored like tomato, garlic and lime. Suitable accompaniment for most Mexican dishes.

Old El Paso offers a full range of ready-made Tex-Mex style products, which includes kits for dinner, tacos and tortillas, sauces, condiments, rice and cooked Mexican beans.

Old El Paso’s products inspire consumers to experience the delicious and at the same time fun experience of authentic Mexican cuisine. The production of the entire range of Old El Paso products takes place in one of the company’s most modern factories in San Adrian, Spain.

Today Old El Paso is sold in more than 60 countries around the world, while product safety and quality is the company’s main and daily concern.