Following the same successful recipe that has made Goldies potato chips one of the favourite brands of the Cypriot consumers for years, Goldies present the new ‘’Golden Flavours’’ which comes in addition of the existing range, strengthening even further their position in the market.


Maintaining the unsurpassed quality of 100% fresh Cyprus potatoes, the new ‘’Golden Flavours’’ range with its two new flavours promises to surpass the highest expectation of potato chips funs. The scent of the Mediterranean with the ‘’Sea Salt’’ and the explosive combination of ‘’Cheese and Bacon’’ are the two new irresistible flavours that have already started to become a success. Their delicious flavour and crispy texture offer a unique experience that everyone should try.

The ‘’Golden Flavours’’ range compliments the existing Goldies Xtreme range that includes the classic flovours of ‘’Salt’’, ‘’Salt and Vinegar’’, ‘’Cheese and Onion’’ and ‘’Bacon’’.
The packaging follows a new design which is as unique as the taste of the flavours that they enclose.

All Goldies products are produced in Cyprus by Laiko Manufacturing and trading Ltd and distributes nationwide by Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd.