Today the pace of life and daily challenges are many, the need for a quick snack becomes even more intense. For this reason General Mills, a worldwide market leader in snack bars, enriches its range with new snacks from Nature Valley and Fibre One. The new snacks are the following:

  1. Nature Valley Protein Bars – The 2 new protein bars, Peanut & Chocolate and Salted Caramel Nut, are covering 20% of the daily protein needs. Both bars are gluten free and are made from carefully selected ingredients, like wholesome natural peanuts, tempting chocolate, luscious peanut butter and salted caramel, making it a great on- the -go snack for extra energy. Moreover, the new bars contain no artificial colours, no preservatives and are high in protein and fibre.
  2. Fibre One Brownies Squares – 2 new delicious and irresistible sweet treats, high in fiber, low in fats and with only 90 calories per snack.
    • Fluffy chocolate fudge brownies– We all need a moment or two each day to revel in a little indulgence. The new brownies with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge frosting taste so amazing it’s hard to believe that each square is a 90 calorie snack.
    • Lemon drizzle squares – Fruit snack with pieces of lemon and lemon icing


All above new options are complementing the existing range of Nature Valley’s Crunchy muesli bars

Imported and distributed by Laiko Cosmos Trading.