Laiko Cosmos Trading expand its brand and product range with the recent introduction of ready-to -drink Pokka ice tea in the market.

Pokka Ice Tea is produced by POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD., JAPAN, POKKA SINGAPORE, which is a leading company in the field of ready-to-drink beverages in Singapore and the Pacific Ocean countries. Since 1977, the company has been active in the marketing and production of a variety of ready-to-drink beverages under the brand name POKKA, to which the well-known ready-to-drink Pokka coffee belongs.

Pokka Ice Tea is produced from 100% high quality natural tea extract, mixed with real fruit juice and natural antioxidants. It contains no colorings and preservatives.

POKKA Ice Tea is a refreshing on-the-go beverage for daily consumption, for every occasion and is currently available in 5 amazing flavors: Peach with less Sugar, Lemon with low Sugar, Lychee, Passion Fruit and Peppermint Green Tea!

Pokka Ice Tea – Surprisingly Amazing!!