Vassilis Petrides

CEO of LaikoCosmos 2012-present

Managing Director of GnP Office Systems 1992-1998

Managing Director of Wights LTD 1998-2000

Managing Director of Cosmos Trading 2000-2012

Mike Parides

CFO of LaikoCosmos 2012-present

Accounts at Pizza Hut International 1993-1998

CFO of Laiko Group 1998-2008

Managing Director of Laiko Group 2008-present

George Tsakistos

General Manager of LaikoCosmos 2012-present

Sales Supervisor at Pepsi 1991-1992

Sales Supervisor at Lanitis Bros. 1992-1993

Sales Manager at Lanitis Bros. 1993-1995

Regional Sales Manager at Lanitis Bros. 1995-2010

National Dairy Sales Manager at Lanitis Bros. 2010-2011

General Manager of Laiko Group 2011-2012

Ariana Petrides

Financial Controller of LaikoCosmos 2012-present

Investment Banking sector in London 2004-2009

Brand Manager at Cosmos Trading 2011-2012

Polys Polycarpou

Commercial Manager at LaikoCosmos 2015-present

Brand Manager at N.P. Lanitis Ltd 1992-1998

General Manager of Electroline 1998-2003

Limassol Area Manager of Lanitis Bros. 2003-2008

Country Key Accounts Manager of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company 2008-2015

Pantelis Polycarpou

Marketing Manager Food at LaikoCosmos Dec. 2016

Assistant General Manager at Marketway/Publicis 1999 – 2016

Marketing Director at Fairways Ltd 1996 – 1999

Sales & Marketing Manager at Dickran Ouzounian & Co Ltd 1992-1996

Christodoulos Kountouris

Sales Manager at LaikoCosmos 2012 – Present

Sales Representative at Areeba Cyprus 2004-2005

Account Executive at Areeba Cyprus 2005-2006

Sales Supervisor at Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company 2006-2007

Sales analyst at Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company 2007-2009

Assistant Sales Manager at Omilos Laikou Distributors 2009-2012

George Achilleos

Purchasing Manager at LaikoCosmos Jan 2017

Purchasing Manager at Lanitis Bros Ltd 1995-2007

Managing Director at T.G Everlogistics Ltd 2007-2016

George Kortzias

Logistics Manager at LaikoCosmos 2012-present

Sales administrator at Laiko 1988-1992

National Warehouse Administrator at Laiko 1992-1998

Assistant logistics manager at Laiko 1998-2002

Operation Manager at Omilos Laikou 2002-2012

Operation Manager at LaikoCosmos 2012-2013