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HORECA Event Invitation


Η Εταιρεία Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd διοργανώνει και φέτος παρουσιάσεις τροφίμων και ποτών από την ευρεία γκάμα διεθνών και τοπικών μάρκων που αντιπροσωπεύει. Οι παρουσιάσεις απευθύνονται στους επαγγελματίες του κλάδου της επισιτικης βιομηχανίας και θα πραγματοποιηθούν ως ακολούθως: Λεμεσός, Πέμπτη

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‘Oros Maxaira’ genuine Cyprus honey at the peak of taste!

superior taste award OROS MAHAIRA

Leading food experts from 17 different countries singled out Cypriot honey ‘Oros Maxaira’ for its unique taste and awarded it with the Superior Taste Award of iTQi. With a similar tasting methodology used by the Michelin gastronomy guide, the iTQi

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Competition exclusively for METRO loyalcard with TULIP Chopped ham multipacks


With the purchase of any TULIP Chopped ham multipack, all Metro cardholders during the period 21/9-08/10/2017, had the opportunity to participate in a lottery to win 3 Tablets LENOVO and 10 vouchers value of 50€ each for any purchases from

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Sergiou Bakeries: A new line of Rusk and Breadsticks added to Laiko Cosmos Brands

sergiou bakeries

Fresh, tasty, crisp are some of the features of Sergiou rusks and breadsticks. Sergiou Bakeries count more than a century after they were created by Sergiou family in the late 19th century, when their great – grandmother with great mastery

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Haze Team: First Milano Da Bere at “Mercedes”


The autumn/winter season for 2017/18 has already started, and the need for an after work party was more than obvious. The first Milano Da Bere (a Haze Team trademark event), was the ideal alternative, after a stressful and hectic return

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