Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. has started since early June 2017, the distribution of the well-known dental products call ‘’GUM’’.
The range includes four different oral hygiene products as follows:

  • Toothpaste 75ml
  • Mouthwash 300 ml
  • Toothbrush Soft
  • Toothbrush Medium

Additionally, consumers can find “GUM ActiVital” special offer pack

The “GUM ActiVital” product range is specially designed for everyday use, for the prevention, protection and empowerment of the teeth and gums. This is achieved thanks to the combination of natural ingredients (ginger and chamomile), gentle formula (no harsh ingredients, no sulfate, no alcohol, and no parabens) and an innovative anti-plaque system, PlakClear™, which naturally absorb harmful bacteria.

The GUM® brand is owned by SUNSTAR, one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of oral health.

The “GUM ActiVital” toothpaste is recommended for adults and children over 7 years old. Also recommended to be used with the “GUM ActiVital” mouthwash for better action against the plaque.