Mini Goodfella’s Pizzas are here for every hour of the day.

Keeping the same secret recipe and the taste of homemade deliciousness that has established it as your favorite pizza, Goodfella’s presents the new Mini Pizzas in two amazing flavors, 4 Cheeses and Pepperoni. Despite the small size, both pizzas retain the same unsurpassed taste and quality of Goodfella’s.

Goodfella’s new Mini Pizzas are ideal for any time of the day. For children who crave a little enjoyment after school, or for those of you who need a light snack in the evening, Goodfella’s mini pizzas are ready in just 10 minutes in the oven.

Find the new Goodfella’s Mini Pizza in the refrigerators of supermarkets, in practical packages of four pieces.

The new Goodfella’s Mini Pizzas are imported and distributed in Cyprus by Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd.