We are open for business for any companies seeking to outsource their logistical interests, whether this is warehousing or distribution.

Seeking 3PL? …You’ve come to the right place

Our customers know of the competitiveness of the market and trust Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. to provide efficient Third Party Logistics. We provide the finest storage and distribution to some of the biggest domestic and international retail companies for ambient, chilled and frozen products.

Highly experienced logistic and managerial staff, coupled with state of the art information technology solutions, ensures Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd.’ effectiveness in storing and distributing any products that businesses require.

We are committed to providing the best service possible to all of our customers and partners, wherever they are. Our customers know the competitiveness of today’s market and so do we. That’s why we’re always improving and customizing our supply chain processes, maximizing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. is the main Logistics provider to the British Forces Retail shops in Cyprus, supplying a large range of UK Grocery products to the bases. Moreover, we are the exclusive 3PL provider in Cyprus for Starbucks Coffee and we offer warehousing services to Charalambides-Kristis, Mitsios Trading, MSJ, and Klappas.