It is deeply embeded in our values, purpose, and business model to invest in the society we live and serve. We focus on environmental sustainability by preserving resources and introducing new ideas to reduce waste.

We do not only provide products that make a physical connection to people, but also a personal and emotional one. In this way, our consumers are connected to Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd., to the manufacturers we obtain our food and beverages, and to the fields and farms our products are produced in. Making a connection with Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. is as if you made a connection with the earth itself.

Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. employees and management staff try to maintain a sense of modernity and political correctness around the work space. We are firm endorsers of equal opportunity to all gender and race groups and believe strongly in the empowerment and providing and equal voice to all our employees.

As part of the humanitarian and social contribution program, Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. supported Pediatric Oncology Clinic of Makarios Hospital.

Also supports major organizations such as the Red Cross and actively contribute to educational awareness campaigns in universities, secondary schools, educational institutions, camps and premises, distinguishing the Green Dot Environment & Recycling festival, various cultural festivals and Drink in Moderation in collaboration with the Reaction Group connector in conjunction with the European Night without Accidents.

Equally important contribution is the ongoing social work of Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. in supporting various school events in order to draw money for families and children in need as well as supporting food assistance programs organised by local communities.