Through our flexible and extensive fleet of vehicles, as well as our dynamic route to market, we can reach every corner of the island.

Our reach…far and wide

Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. has a brilliant, cutting edge fleet of 120 distribution vehicles which visit 3400 points of sale all over Cyprus. We are the only FMCG Company that distributes ambient, chilled, and frozen products and manages to service all the different channels.

We harbor trucks which have top of the line cooling freezers installed in their cargo bay and are capable of transporting our frozen products to their destinations safely, without altering the temperature or quality of our products in any way.

Our chilled products are transported in similar fashion, by specialized vehicles capable of storing products in cold condition to keep them from turning bad. We also have the capacity to transport both ambient and chilled products in our dual purpose trucks that work with refined technologies.

What distinguishes our fleet is their presence in the market. Our trucks exhibit the Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. logo on their side which has become a trademark of the Cypriot motorway and the FMCG distribution game.

Our route to market is assessed and planned out by our diligent logistics team with the goal of reducing costs as much as possible, and to also provide the best service to our extensive clientele.

We highly respect and appreciate our drivers. Every day they advocate the values and ethics of Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd. in the market. For that reason they undergo frequent and systematic training to ensure their full alignment with the company’s goals.