Cypriot Crisps Goldies Extreme are now available in their new modern packets with their ever popular ‘extreme’ tastes.

The much loved flavours of Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Bacon, Cheese and Onion, are produced by Laiko Kafekopteio Ltd using the latest technology and the necessary food and hygiene guidelines combined with the selection of sourcing the finest ingredients, to ensure that the taste and nutrition are preserved for the best results in terms of overall freshness and crunchiness!


The crisps first made their appearance in the market in 1978, following market trends and since then, have become the ideal snack for day trips, during break times at football games and a great addition to any party.

The selection of the best quality potatoes combined with the know-how and the choice of the different flavours, make Goldies Extreme one of the most popular Snacks in Cyprus.


You will find the new modern packets of Goldies Extreme in over 1200 points of sale across Cyprus. Goldies Extreme is another brand distributed by LaikoCosmos Trading Ltd.