Goodfella’s, one of the top frozen pizzas in the market, comes in a new modern packaging, keeping the same secret recipe and the taste of homemade deliciousness that has established it as one of the preferred pizza brands.

Goodfella’s new refreshed packaging is distinguished by the brand’s new logo and new product photo, while clearly displaying the flavour, baking instructions and nutritional values on the front side of the pack. Its bold and discreet design along with significant improvements, contributes to a stronger prominent shelf standout and branding.

Inspired by the Italian New York pizzerias found in Little Italy, in 1993, Goodfella’s pizza was born with the aim of bringing a slice of deep pan to the UK and Ireland. Ever since then we have focused on making pizza the proper way; with respect. Using the best quality ingredients, without artificial additives, just the way you would make them yourselves.

Each Goodfella’s pizza starts its life as an individual dough ball, which is rested to develop the texture and flavour before being baked on real Italian stone. Then it’s topped with the highest quality sauce, made daily with our secret family recipe, and great toppings for an authentic taste of New York. From the very first Goodfella’s Pizza, until today, we offer the same quality and goodness in every slice. Goodfella’s Pizzas are baked for a few minutes in the oven and are the perfect filling meal for friends and family.

Goodfella’s Pizza is imported and distributed by Laiko Cosmos and is available in all supermarkets.