Introducing the Zivana LOEL Collector’s Series in collaboration with the distinguished Cypriot artist Hambis Tsangaris. This series is a celebration of the art of printmaking, Cypriot culture, and tradition, combining the exceptional quality of the spirit with the beautiful creations of the artist.

The series was presented for the first time, at an event held with great success on Friday 20th October, at the Hambis Municipal Museum of Printmaking in Nicosia.

The limited edition series consists of three new distinct bottles, printed directly onto glass, featuring a unique tribute to Hambis Tsangaris’ art. Zivana LOEL, known for its authenticity and commitment to quality, has rightfully been recognized as a national product beloved by Cypriots since 1996, as well as an ambassador for Cyprus abroad. The limited series featuring Hambis Tsangaris’ work is another step towards promoting art, culture, and Cyprus’ heritage.