The first Zivana LOEL Challenge was held on Tuesday, June 12th, at the Old Market St. in Larnaca. For the first time, ZIVANA LOEL, the first zivania of Cyprus, invited bartenders to create and present unique cocktails based on ZIVANA LOEL, ZIVANA Red and ZIVANA Gold.


The aim was to make ZIVANA LOEL ideal for cocktails and encourage both bartenders and the public to try out ZIVANA LOEL’s new ways of enjoying their favourable drink.
Seventeen talented bartenders on the island competed and presented their own unique cocktails using our beloved Zivana LOEL.
Τhe winner of the Zivana LOEL Challenge Cocktail Competition was Alexandros Draghia who works for Grand Resort. His cocktail, “The Secret Crush”, with its impeccable performance and presentation got the highest score and won the trip to attend the 2018 Athens Bar Show, which will be held in Athens during November.


The jury was compiled by Argyris Argyrou, Babis Kaidalidis, Stylianos Lambrou and Pampos Pittakas, who tested and evaluated the 17 creations of the contestants on the basis of flavor, taste and presentation.
A party with journalists, artists and business associates of Laiko Cosmos Trading was held immediately after the competition. All our guests enjoyed Zivana LOEL signature cocktails.