Inspired by the Italian New York pizzerias found in Little Italy, in 1993, Goodfella’s pizza was born with the aim of bringing a slice of deep pan to the UK and Ireland. Ever since then Goodfella’s
focused on making pizza the proper way; with respect.

Each Goodfella’s pizza starts its life as an individual dough ball, which is rested to develop the texture and flavour before being baked on real Italian stone and then topped with the highest quality toppings for an authentic taste of New York. Goodfella’s Pizza are ‘’Made with Respect’’!

Today, Goodfella’s introduces 4 new exceptional pizzas for pizza lovers.

  • Pizza Pockets: Pizza in 2 minutes? You’ve got it! New delicious pizza ready in just two minutes baking in microwave. Soft folded base filled with rich materials. Available in two options, Pepperoni and Triple Cheese. A great easy snacking food, especially for those looking for something fast but delicious.

  • Vegan Pizza: Goodfella’s newest vegan pizza featuring 13g of plant protein. Topped with tomato sauce, meatless mince, chargrilled red and yellow peppers, tomato, red onion, salsa verde drizzle and a touch of oregano. Suitable for vegans and fasting!

  • Cheese & Ham: Goodfella’s signature stone baked pizza base, baked on the finest Italian stone topped with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and smoked flavoured ham. A simple but timeless choice.

Goodfella’s pizzas are available in 5 other flavors: Thin Pan Margherita and Pepperoni, Deep Pan Pepperoni and Cheesey, and Garlic bread.

Goodfella’s pizzas are imported and distributed in Cyprus by Laiko Cosmos Trading Ltd.